Omegazene is a dietary supplement that claims to deliver DPA, or the Missing Omega as called by Dr. Sam Walters who formulated and manufactured the product at Lean Lab. Its scientifically proven formula is claimed to provide you with the benefits like increased vitality and energy levels, healthy blood pressure, an increased desire to eat healthy foods, a lower risk of a stroke and heart attack, less brain fog due to Alzheimer's disease and decreased inflammation either from joint pain or anything else.

Additional benefits for the supplement include improved mood, management of stress-related cortisol, healthy insulin function, improved metabolism and controlled blood sugar levels, worse fat storage due to anti-lipogenic properties of the product. Omegazene's DPA is said to be derived from wild-caught Menhaden fish that can be found in the federally regulated waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Then it is molecularly distilled. According to the official website, you can expect a pure formula that will make you forget about fish burps in the past. But what is DPA or the "Missing Omega"? Is it really beneficial for the human health? We will uncover some answers, but at first we will take a look at the ingredients in the supplement.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is no information about any potential side effects associated with the use of Omegazene. According to WebMD, EPA and DHA's most common side effects are digestive upset and nausea. In some cases, they can lead to heartburn, back, joint, and muscle pain; nosebleeds, skin rash, and bruising. To decrease these side effects, it is recommended to take EPA and DHA with meals. Since the supplement contains fish, it may not be suitable for people with fish allergies. Due to the content of gelatin, Omegazene is not appropriate for vegans or vegetarians. Finally, it shouldn't be taken by pregnant or nursing women, as well as by children or those taking prescription medications on a regular basis. If you are not sure whether this product is right for you, consult your doctor. Remember that fish burps can be caused by excess gas, since the body finds it difficult to digest fish oil. There is no evidence showing that Omegazene's formula can decrease this side effect.

We don't know much about the company behind Omegazene, which means that it cannot be trusted completely. There is very little legitimate customer feedback for the product online. We did learn that the product is manufactured by Lean Laboratories (also known as Lean Lab) based out of Tampa, FL. This is the company where Dr. Sam Walters works as Lead Medical Advisor. He also operates Wellspring Clinic based out of Scottsdale, AZ. The company wasn't listed with the Better Business Bureau. Their only other product was a probiotic supplement called Biotic Essentials. Dr. Walters does not hold a formal medical doctor designation or a board certification in medicine. This is another red flag. While the official website indicates that Omegazene is recommended by fitness and health experts, such as Pete Thomas, NBC's "Most Successful Biggest Loser Ever," we didn't find any proof of this claim during our research. Let us take a look at some actual customers' reviews left online.

"Omegazene is nothing more than just a new fish oil supplement declaring an ability to provide incredible benefits for the human health. But it is not quite true. Taking into account the fact that it is very expensive, t is better to buy traditional fish oil that costs several times cheaper. Many other items of its kind are also available on the market. I don't recommend buying Omegazene."

"I am not pleased with Omegazene at all. Unlike many fish oils, this supplement includes only three additional omega 3 acids. I have not noticed any considerable effects in my health and wellbeing in general. By the way, I have experienced diarrhea several times after using the product. Waste of money."

"According to the refund details on Lean Labs' website, you can return Omegazene to the manufacturer within 60 days of buying the product. The problem was that they agreed to accept only two opened bottles from a multiple order I had. The rest had to be unopened and sealed. They refused to return money to me. Do not buy anything from this company."


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